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The Stone Guitar Company – proudly “Made in Brazil”


The Stone Guitar Company is a new brand of guitars born from Spanich Guitars.


Spanich Guitars was founded in 1985 by the Ortiz family, with the goal of building the best guitars manufactured in Brazil. Now is the time for these incredibly fine guitars to be seen in the global market. The name has been changed to achieve more universal acceptance and awreness, rather than Spanich which has a more regional meaning.


Spanich started its activities by developing a line of guitars and basses supplied to many top stores, and then they created the first custom shop in Brazil. The brand has been a true favourite in Brazil due to the exceptional high quality, craftsmanship and tonal options available. This is achieved by a team of dedicated and skillful luthiers combined with the availability of some of the world’s finest and most musical woods.


Over the years the company has been involved in many areas both in and outside of the musical instruments industry including pickup manufacturing and distribution of many high quality and well known accessories for both guitar players and builders.


However, in 2014, the company founder and leader, Claudio Ortiz knew that he had to focus on his true love, building the finest guitars that he could with his team. The Winter NAMM show of 2015 saw the Spanich brand displayed and now with the formations of The Stone Guitar Company the realization of Claudio’s objective has become real.

Our logos from 1985

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