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Stone Revenge History

In the early 1980's, a man named Rand Havener started a small "boutique" guitar company. He wanted to make a "shredders" guitar and named the guitar the Rand, at the time the perfect guitar for the hard rock scene.

He needed to create something different and of the highest quality. Rand guitars were the result:

- Neck Thru, Original Floyd Rose and neck with 27 frets!!!

Incredible silhouette and an always different painting.

Vivian Campbell played one of these in Whitesnake's video for "Is This Love", which helped to popularize them among the L.A. guitarist crowd.

It only built about 75 units, and of which only about 40 are known to still exist.

In Brazil, guitarist Wander Taffo bought one in 1988, directly from Rand.

When he showed up with this guitar everyone wanted to know everything about it.

At the time (1988) Spanich and Tagima copied the model.

Spanich immediately began producing a faithful replica (1988).

Tagima also started to produce, but with some modifications, Bolton neck instead of Neck thru (full) and with 24 frets and not 27 like Rand.

Only in 2011 did Tagima launch K1 (Kiko Loureiro Signature)


In 2015 Spanich changed its name to Stone and re-designed the Stone Revenge, a guitar inspired by Rand and manufactured by Spanich since 1988.


Stone Revenge is inspired by Rand, but today completely redesigned and fully updated, bringing all modernity.

Today, in addition to the Revenge Custom, Stone created the Revenge Wander Taffo with the hand-airbrushed White Rose and all the specifications that Wander Taffo used. (Limited Edition)

Stone Revenge

Cedar body 

Pau Ferro fingerboard

Maple neck

Hipshot tuners

Floyd Rose bridge

Jescar Jumbo stainless steel frets 

Stone Pyramid Mother of Pearl Inlay

Mother of Pearl side dots

Seymour Duncan Hot Rails N and Winter B

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